Soundproofing Operable Dividers for Hotel Conference Hall Restarauts

Soundproofing Operable Dividers for Hotel Conference Hall Restarauts

AcousticPartitionWall established in 2011, it is the specialized company that manufactures green architectural decoration material acoustic partition wall and the relative products. It lies in the dense industrial area at southern bank of Zhujiang River. We have advanced multi-functional retractable partitions and acoustic partition wall production line.

Soundproof Operable Divider for Hotel Conference Room Restaraut
1.Aesthetically pleasing
3.An effective solution at only 65mm thick
4.Ideal to reduce noise in conference room, office etc.

Below is the list of supplying:

Accordion Walls Banquet Room Partitions Acoustical Partition Wall
Decorative Sliding Door Panels Acoustic Panel Restaurant Movable Partition
Laminate Collapsable Operable Wall Partitions for Conference Room
Movable Wooden Lowes Room Wall Partition Sliding Door With Competitive Price
Sliding Door Auto Soundproofing Material Acoustic Operable Wall
Soundproofing Portable Partition Removable Partition for Banquet

Our room partition wall and acoustic products are far sold to Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, United States, Vanuatu, Russian Federation, India, South Korea, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Bermuda, etc.

Northen Chongqing Sichuan Opera Performing Arts Center; Xuchang City Convention Center; Tianheng Hotel; Office Building of Zhaotao Tobacco Company; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Honghe Broadcasting Station; Lanzhou Grand Theatre, etc.