The 8 Best Credit Unions

Best Credit Union for Kids’ Savings: GTE Financial Credit Union
GTE Financial Credit Union
Courtesy of GTE Financial Credit Union
According to GoBankingRates, GTE Financial Credit Union offers one of the best savings rates of credit unions that anyone can join. While customer service reviews are not stellar, the current APY on its Regular Share savings account is an impressive 1.99% APY for a balance up to $500.

GTE Financial Credit Union’s Regular Share Savings Account and Early Saver Account both offer less impressive rates, with only 0.10% APY for a balance over $100 (Regular Share Savings) and over $500 (Early Saver). GTE is a PopMoney member, which means transferring funds from this bank to an account at another bank can be very quick, which is another perk.

There are lots of ways to join, including a one-time donation to CUSavers no matter where you live and where you work. It isn’t the best credit union for everyone, but there are some cases where it makes sense.

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