The 8 Best Credit Unions

Best Credit Union for Using any ATM: Connexus Credit Union
Courtesy of Connexus
Most big banks charge you a fee to use another bank’s ATM, plus you may have to pay a fee to that bank. At Connexus, not only are you able to use 54,000 ATMs fee-free in the Co-Op and MoneyPass networks, Connexus will reimburse up to $25 per month in other bank’s ATM fees if you hold the Xtraordinary Checking account. For those who love to travel or just want to use whatever ATM is most convenient at the moment, that is a huge benefit.

In addition to the ATM benefits, Connexus offers competitive interest rates and accounts. Auto loan rates start at 2.99% and mortgage loans are in line with national average rates. If you love the checking account, you may want to bring your other banking here as well to keep things simple and under one roof.

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